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coastal boandik day trip

Discover the Secrets of the Boandik Coastline

Join us for an Immersive Day Trip like no other, a sensory journey that will connect you to the rich heritage of the Limestone Coast and the breathtaking beauty of the coastal landscape.

Time: 9am - 3pm  |  Cost: $259

Native Pig Face on the Limestone Coast

Native Pig Face


Meet at Port MacDonnell Jetty We start our day at the iconic Port MacDonnell Jetty, where your adventure begins.

Beach Walk and Forage Immerse yourself in nature as you explore the coastline, foraging for hidden treasures along the way. Discover crabs, starfish, and sea anemones as the tides reveal their secrets.

Mid-Morning Campfire Relax at Pleasant Cove picnic area as the aroma of damper, freshly cooked on a charcoal burner, fills the air. Enjoy it with butter and jam around a campfire while listening to mesmerizing Boandik traditional stories.

Scenic Lunch Feast on a delightful cut lunch from Periwinkles Cafe at a scenic coastal spot, weather and elements permitting.

Boandik History Journey into the past at the Ancient Boandik Midden Site, a historical testament to the Boandik people. You might even glimpse the ancient stone fish traps if conditions are right.

Cape Northumberland or Surfers Way Beach Explore the beauty of Cape Northumberland or relax on the soft golden sands of Surfers Way Beach.

Green Lagoon Your day culminates at the Green Lagoon, where you'll experience traditional songs, dances, and ceremonies that resonate with the Boandik heritage.

Expert Guidance Uncle Ken, a knowledgeable Boandik guide, ensures your journey is personalized to your interests and mobility.

Tag Along Tour You have the flexibility to drive yourself between stops, making it convenient for you and your group.

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