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traditional net fishing and cook

A beautiful twilight experience on the beach

Embark on an small group private tour in Port MacDonnell, where you'll delve into the local tradition of net fishing with guidance from Local Boandik Elder, Uncle Ken. This intimate experience offers a unique blend of cultural immersion, from casting nets to the legends shared as you relish your freshly prepared feast.

Time: 90mins at Twilight  |  Cost: $249

Fire by the beach

traditional fire on the beach at port macdonnell


Welcoming Ritual Begin your journey with a welcoming ritual at Port MacDonnell Jetty, a familiar and historic location.

Sacred Beach Selection Each day, we carefully choose a beach location based on the elements, setting the stage for a genuine connection with the land and sea.

Traditional Fishing Experience Learn the age-old indigenous practice of beach fishing, guided by Local Boandik Elder, Uncle Ken. Respect the ocean and capture more than just fish, but also deep-rooted traditions.

Fire Cooked Bush Tucker Meal Gather around the fire for a meal prepared using authentic methods and traditional bush tucker techniques, paired with thoughtfully selected beverages.


Heartfelt Boandik Storytelling Let the mesmerising tales of Boandik storytelling transport you as the evening unfolds. Explore dreams, legends, and the rich world of First Nations heritage.

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