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A Morning Adventure for the Whole Family

Join us for a 2-hour Coastal Adventure, a unique journey that lets you explore and discover indigenous bush tucker along the Limestone Coast, connecting you with the area's rich heritage and stunning coastal views.

Time: 2hrs  |  Cost: $90 adults, $45 kids

Native Muntries in hands

Native Muntries found on this tour


Meet-up at Port MacDonnell Jetty Your adventure begins at the historic Port MacDonnell Jetty.

Heritage Walk Explore Clarkes Park and uncover the secrets of the Boandik campsite. Learn about ancient Blue Gums and their significance.

Coastal Combing Adventure Discover aquatic treasures as you explore the coastline, from shellfish to starfish and hidden sea anemones.

Serene Stopover Pause at Pleasant Cove Point to reflect and continue your coastal discovery.

Bush Tucker Break: Experience an indigenous culinary adventure and learn about wild foods and natural medicines while enjoying fresh morning air.

Leisurely Stroll Conclude your journey with a leisurely stroll down the tranquil stretches of Pleasant Cove beach.

Family-Friendly This tour is designed to be inclusive, ensuring that families can fully engage with the wonders of the coast.

Tag-Along Tour Bring your own vehicle and snacks. Dress comfortably and wear protective attire. Don't forget your hat!

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